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Nutrition and Weight Management System by Lockhart and Leith


Digital video available for immediate viewing online - Includes E-Book

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are unhappy with this course for any reason you have 30 days to request a full refund, as long as you haven’t downloaded it yet.
Certificate of Completion - Receive 20 Rewards points when you share your accomplishment on social media.

Use a systematic approach to target specific aspects of fitness in a way that makes sense, is easy-to-follow, and proven to work.-PRODUCT INCLUDES VIDEO & E-BOOK

  • George is known for creative outlooks on fitness that creates an atmosphere where ANYONE can enhance their fitness.
  • Breakdown complex nutritional systems into practical bits of usable information.
  • Prepare your body for optimal performance regardless of the activity!

World-renowned fitness trainer and nutrition coach George Lockhart lays out a complete fitness program that cuts out the guesswork with all-aspects of fitness!

What Will You Learn?

Goal setting is easily one of the most important aspects of ANY fitness routine. George’s Nutrition and Weight Management System looks to address this essential concept from the very start of this insightful instructional. It’s important to understand what you look to achieve. Whether it’s to be an elite level athlete or finally get your weight under control you will find the answers in this 3-part masterclass on Nutrition and Weight Management!

Macronutrients is a term that gets tossed around and can push some people away. George breaks down the essentials on fats, proteins, and carbs in a way that doesn’t make your head hurt. With this grassroots understanding, you will know what is powering your body, and why it works! Don’t get lost in the shuffle of counting carbs or budgeting fat, make complex diets simple with George’s no-nonsense approach.

Hydration is one of the easiest to implement yet overlooked aspects of fitness. Getting enough fluids is something that everyone can easily incorporate into their lifestyle. George takes it a step further by teaching you the Harris Benedict Formula.

The workout is where your diet can unlock a whole new frontier of fitness. With George’s easy to follow system you will have an all-new reserve of energy to help you dominate your workouts. On top of that, Lockhart goes into some of the secret training routines he uses with his Top-Tier athletes. Take upper echelon workouts and make them usable for you regardless of your experience level!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Goal Setting 
  • Desire, Faith, and the Road Map 
  • Carbs 
  • Protein 
  • Fats

Part 2:

  • Hydration & Harris Benedict Formula 
  • Supplementation
  • Consuming Before a Workout 
  • Replenishing Muscles After a Workout 
  • Your True Weight 

Part 3:

  • Weight Cutting for Fighters 

So, What Does It All Cost?




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