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Get Strong, Lean and Athletic with Minimal Equipment by Luka Hocevar

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Build an Athletic Body That Looks Good and Performs Even Better with Acclaimed Fitness Coach and Athletic Performance Specialist Luka Hocevar

  • Luka Hocevar is a world renowned fitness professional that’s helped thousands of clients from NBA athletes to the average Joe achieve incredible results and drastically improve their overall health and fitness
  • Enhance your mobility, relieve joint pain, and cultivate real strength with MINIMAL equipment and commitment, with the help of one of the most sought after fitness trainers in the world
  • Build crazy strength without beating yourself up or spending hours and hours in the gym, using only dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and your own bodyweight to get lean and strong
  • Jump higher, move faster, and become more athletic without the risk of injury with a perfectly designed program to help you safely and effectively  achieve your goals
  • Improve your conditioning so you can take part in just about any sports activity without having to “blame your cardio” for poor performance, and ENJOY being active again
  • This program was built as a foundational phase to build strength, athleticism, and conditioning, while also improving your body composition


Get Strong, Lean and Athletic with Minimal Equipment by Luka Hocevar has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

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