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Building A Limber Body: The Art of Dynamic Stretching by Josh Stockman


Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
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Josh Stockman’s Yoga-inspired stretches will rapidly increase range of motion regardless of experience level.

  • Use a methodical approach to all aspects of Dynamic Stretching.
  • Target key areas like the hamstrings, hips, spine and core.
  • Build strength with Stockman’s arm balancing exercises that will build shoulder stamina and fortify your joints.
  • Once you understand the basics Josh Stockman teaches you how to blend it all together for interesting sequences that increase mobility and stamina!

    Use the Art of Dynamic Stretching to become more limber in key areas of your body that increase recovery time and range of motion.

    What Will You Learn?

    Josh Stockman, Yoga expert and Martial Arts black belt, looks to cut out the guesswork on implementing a successful stretching routine. Building A Limber Body: The Art of Dynamic Stretching covers all aspects of creating an easy-to-follow routine that will increase your overall mobility and joint health. If you struggle with joint pain, and muscle tightness this instructional is for YOU!

    Warming up is one of the most critical aspects of ANY activity. When your muscles are cold and unprepared for activity you increase the likelihood for injury, or at the very least unnecessarily strained. Josh gives you a simple routine that gets your body ready for activity with his sun salutation warmup that he breaks down move by move.

    Building A Limber Body: The Art of Dynamic Stretching not only gives you stretches that help you increase mobility, but routines that will help you build functional strength in ALL the right areas. Many times our regular routine causes us to lose essential strength for basic functions. Stockman looks to correct this with his balancing exercises. He takes static positions and makes them dynamic with creative transitions that don’t keep you stationary for long. Use these creative flows to increase mobility, range of motion, and structural strength!

    Best of all once you work through the initial portions of Building A Limber Body: The Art of Dynamic Stretching, Josh blends it all together for more dynamic flows that will reinforce what you learned and pushes it even further with his creative yoga connections!

    So What’s On This Series?

    Part 1:


  • Introduction
  • Science Of Stretching 
  • Warming Up (Sun Salutation)
  • Sun Salutation Explained
  • Modified Sun Salutation For Hamstrings


    • Forward Fold
    • Leaning Forward Fold 
    • Crossed Leg Forward Fold
    • Split Legged Forward Fold
    • Triangle
    • Pyramid

      • Half Split
      • Seated Forward Fold
        •     PNF

        • Seated One Leg Forward Fold
        • Recap
          • Part 2:


          • Introduction
          • Science Of Stretching
          • Warm Up With Sun Salutation
          • Sun Salutation Description
          • Sun Salutation Modified For Hips

                  STANDING STRETCHES

            • High Lunge
            • Tree
            • Hurdler
            • Sass
              •     SEATED STRETCHES

              • Low Lunge
              • Crooked Monkey
              • Low Squat
              • Flying Monkey
              • S-Seat
              • Cross Legged Forward Fold
              • Wide Leg Forward Fold
              • Butterfly
              • Hero
                •     PNF

                • Pigeon
                • Recap
                  • Part 3:

                        SPINE AND CORE

                  • Introduction
                  • Science Of Stretching
                  • Core Anatomy
                  • Warming Up
                  • Sun Salutation Warm Up
                  • Sun Salutation For Spine
                    •     ENGAGING TARGET MUSCLES

                    • Table Top And Cat Cow
                      •     STRENGTHENING THE BACK

                      • Baby Cobra
                      • Sphinx
                      • Cobra
                      • Locust
                        •     STRENGTHENING THE FRONT

                        • Boat Pose
                        • Dog Legs
                        • Plank & Side Plank
                          •     BACK STRETCHES

                          • Side To Side - Child's Pose
                          • Side To Side - Lunging Side Bend
                          • Side To Side - Standing Half Moon
                          • Backward - Upward Dog
                          • Backward - Floor Bow
                          • Backward - Camel
                          • Forward - Standing Fold
                          • Forward - Rabbit
                          • Forward - Plow Ear/Pressure Pose
                          • Twisting - Chair Twist
                          • Twisting - Lunging Twist
                          • Twisting - Seated Twist
                          • Recap
                            • Part 4:

                                  ARM BALANCING FOR STRENGTH

                            • Introduction
                            • Balancing Concepts
                            • Warmup
                            • Sun Salutation For Arms And Shoulders
                              •     BALANCES

                              • Table Top
                              • Chaturanga
                              • Crow
                              • Side Crow
                              • Flying Crow
                              • Crane
                              • Pigeon
                              • Flying Pigeon
                              • L-Sit
                              • Elephant
                              • Eight Angle
                              • Flying Lizard
                              • Grasshopper
                              • Peacock
                              • Insect
                                •     COMBINATION

                                • Elephant, Eight Angle, Flying Lizard
                                • Chin Stand, Chaturanga
                                  • So, What Does It All Cost?



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