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Exponentially Increase your overall health and fitness with guidance from one of the most sought after trainers in the country, Ethan Benda

  • Invest 12 weeks in Benda’s program and get into the best shape of your entire life.
  • Develop a relentless pace and endless gas tank for sport specific purposes.
  • Minimize your risk of injury.

  • The Diamond Protocol by Ethan Benda

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    Digital video available for immediate viewing online

    Program Duration12 Weeks
    Experience LevelBeginner to Advanced
    Equipment NeededDumbbells / Resistance Band
    CategoryStrength / Conditioning / Weightloss


    With the Diamond Protocol, fitness and nutrition specialist Ethan Benda will introduce you to one of the QUICKEST METHODS OF DEVELOPING A SUPERIOR LEVEL OF FITNESS ever constructed. Whether you're looking to develop an endless gas tank for sport specific purposes, get healthier, or just tone up in a hurry, this is the series for you! Benda will provide you with a formula that can't miss, to help you achieve your goals, that includes fitness and nutrition advice as well as a detailed explanation of this UNIQUE AND EFFICIENT PROGRAM THAT PRODUCES REAL RESULTS, FAST!

    Benda’s system will combine bodyweight training with light weight training and cardiovascular training in sets of specific intervals that will build over the course of a short 12 -week period to incrementally GET YOU INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

    So, What’s In This Series?

    Start with learning the methods behind the madness of The Diamond Protocol, including the workouts, exercises, frequency, and other programming specifics. Once you've got a grip on the details it's time to jump into the different phases of the workout and BEGIN YOUR TRANSFORMATION! The series will close with some incredible nutrition advice so you can pair this program with the proper eating habits to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS!

    This is a unique opportunity to quickly and efficiently improve your overall health and fitness. You'll enjoy Benda’s clear guidance and wisdom from his years of experience! He’s trained everyone from the average hobbyist to the professional athlete and his level of expertise will become apparent immediately as you make your way through this exciting 12-week system that will produce real tangible results in a relatively short amount of time!

    So, What Exactly Do You Get?

                              DVD 1

    • Diamond Procotol
    • The Why Behind Diamond Protocol
    • Frequency Of The Workout
    • Diamond Protocol Exercises
    • Diamond Protocol Workout
    • Phase 1 Week 2
    • Phase 1 Week 3
    • Phase 1 Week 4

                              DVD 2

    • Phase 2 Week 1
    • Phase 2 Week 2
    • Phase 2 Week 3
    • Phase 2 Week 4
    • Phase 3 Week 1
    • Phase 3 Week 2
    • Phase 3 Week 3
    • Phase 3 Week 4

                              DVD 3


                              DVD 4

    • Cheat Meal
    • Weight Loss Expectations
    • Weight Cutting  

    So, What Does It Cost?

    We could have easily charged $177 or more for this series, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to cut that price by $100 and bring you The Diamond Protocol with Ethan Benda for just:



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