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Kettlebell Push Up with Row

Kettlebell Push Up with Row

If you're looking to spice up your workout routine and challenge your upper body strength, look no further than the kettlebell push-up row. This dynamic exercise not only targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps but also engages your core and back muscles through the rowing motion. In this blog, we'll explore the various forms of kettlebell rows, including kettlebell upright rows, renegade rows with kettlebells, kettlebell gorilla rows, and kettlebell ballistic rows, and delve into the benefits they offer.

What this article covers:

The Kettlebell Push-Up with Row

The kettlebell push-up with row is a compound exercise that engages your chest, shoulders, triceps, back muscles, and core. It combines the pressing motion of a push-up with the rowing motion of a kettlebell, creating a challenging and effective movement. To perform this exercise:

Start in a traditional push-up position with each hand gripping a kettlebell handle firmly. Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and your body should be in a straight line from head to heels.

Lower your body towards the ground, keeping your elbows close to your sides and maintaining proper push-up form. Your chest should almost touch the ground.

As you push back up to the starting position, engage your core and row one kettlebell towards your hip. Keep your elbow close to your body and focus on squeezing your shoulder blade.

Lower the kettlebell back to the ground and repeat the rowing motion on the opposite side. Each push-up should be followed by a row on alternate sides.

single kettlebell bent over row

Kettlebell Row

The kettlebell row is a fundamental exercise that primarily targets the muscles in your upper back, including the rhomboids, traps, and lats. To perform a kettlebell row, start by placing one hand and knee on a bench, while the opposite foot remains flat on the ground. With a kettlebell in the opposite hand, pull the weight towards your hip, engaging your back muscles. This exercise helps improve posture, enhances grip strength, and builds a strong upper back foundation.

Kettlebell Upright Row

Similar to the traditional upright row, the kettlebell upright row focuses on the shoulders and upper back muscles. Holding a kettlebell with both hands in front of your thighs, lift the weight towards your chest, keeping your elbows high and close to your body. The kettlebell's shape adds an extra challenge to the exercise by incorporating grip strength and stability. It targets the deltoids, traps, and upper back, helping to develop strong, defined shoulders.

Renegade Rows with Kettlebells

Renegade rows with kettlebells take the traditional renegade row exercise up a notch. This exercise requires a set of kettlebells and a strong core. Start in a high plank position with each hand gripping a kettlebell. While stabilizing your body, lift one kettlebell towards your chest, keeping your elbow close to your body. Alternate the rowing motion on each side. Renegade rows with kettlebells strengthen your entire upper body, including your back, shoulders, and arms, while challenging your core stability and balance.

Kettlebell Gorilla Row

The kettlebell gorilla row is an effective exercise for targeting the muscles in your upper back and arms. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell in each hand. Bend your knees slightly, hinge at the hips, and lean forward while maintaining a neutral spine. Lower the kettlebells towards the ground, then pull them up towards your chest, mimicking the motion of a gorilla rowing. This exercise engages your back, biceps, and shoulders, enhancing overall upper body strength.

Kettlebell Ballistic Row

The kettlebell ballistic row combines explosive power with the rowing motion, creating a challenging and dynamic exercise. Start in a split stance with one foot forward and one foot back, holding a kettlebell in one hand. Explosively row the kettlebell towards your chest while simultaneously jumping and switching your foot positions. Land with the opposite foot forward and repeat on the other side. This exercise targets your back, arms, shoulders, and legs, providing a full-body workout and improving your overall power and coordination.

bent over rows kettlebell

Incorporating kettlebell rows into your push-up routine adds an extra dimension to your workout, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. From the basic kettlebell row to the more advanced variations like upright rows, renegade rows, gorilla rows, and ballistic rows, these exercises strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms while enhancing core stability and overall power. So, grab a kettlebell and take your push-ups to the next level with these challenging and rewarding exercises. Remember to start with lighter weights and focus on proper form to prevent injury and maximize your gains.

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